CROST: on the track of affordable tramways

Talk by Lewis Lesley

UCL 4th March 2009


There are strong environmental and transport arguments in favour of tramways. Lessons can be learnt from other countries. The National Audit Office reported on Light Rail in 2004.
This Report was highly critical of tramway schemes that had been opened in the UK since 1990. A scheme to build a tramway in West London was abandoned after strong residents' objections. Proposals for new Cross River and Oxford Street tramways, as well as extending the Croydon Tramlink were refused funding by the Government for the Plan period 2008-2018.

The NAO Report, and other work to reduce the cost of constructing and opening tramway, should be the basis for determining whether the Cross River Oxford Street trams (CROST) can be affordable, or could be funded by alternative means?

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